5 Simple & Free Tips for Home Security


March 28, 2019

Grant Dean

Don’t make your home an easy target with these simple and cost effective measures.

1. Keep you yard maintained and looking nice year round. A yard that is not maintained sends a message that most likely the house does not have any security in place or it has lapsed.

2. Put a Home Security Sign in front flower bed even if you don’t have one

3. Post a Beware of Dog sign on your backyard gate entrance. Plus have a BIG water bowl on back porch. Keep it filled with water – if you don’t have a dog the birds will thank you.

4. Close your blinds at night so people can’t see in. It would be easy to find out how many people are in the house and where they are by observing from the outside at night if your blinds are open. 5. Replace your screws in your door hinges with 3 inch screws. #homesecurity #roundrocktx #austintx #huttotx