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Declutter Clothes Wardrobe. Keep And Donate Fashion

Ready to sell but nothing to buy…

Want to sell but have not found the right home yet to buy? Use the time while you search to...

Smoke & Pet Smells

When selling a home, the two types of smells that turn away more buyers are pets and smoke from pipes,...
Current Interest Rates

Interest Rate Update – Sep 2023

What the Fed said... Everyone expected the Fed to skip a rate hike at the Sept 20 meeting, and that's...

Counter Offers – How many is too many?

Watching the US Open brought up a question from a friend, "How many times should you counter on an offer?"...
Lender-Buyer TIp

Buyer Tip – After you submit an offer…..

Once you have made an offer have the loan officer/lender call the listing agent. This goes a long way in...
Median Estimated Property Value_Liberty Hill

Liberty Hill TX – Buyers Market

According to RPR's Market Trends data, we currently have a healthy supply of homes with a 5.56 Months' Supply of...
Median Estimated Property Value_Hutto

July 2023 – Hutto TX

Attention sellers in Hutto, Texas! Did you know that the List to Sold Price percentage in our city is an...

What type of flooring?

If you're looking for a place to invest in your home and don't know where to start, investing in hardwood...
New home

7-7.5% Interest Rates — How can I buy now?

Interest rates currently are making it tough to afford the home you want. Many new home builders have lending companies...

Buy now or wait – 2023 Dilemma

The current real estate market is an interesting one. The interest rates and effects of inflation have made investors wait...