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Smoke & Pet Smells

When selling a home, the two types of smells that turn away more buyers are pets and smoke from pipes,...
Current Interest Rates

Interest Rate Update – Sep 2023

What the Fed said... Everyone expected the Fed to skip a rate hike at the Sept 20 meeting, and that's...

Counter Offers – How many is too many?

Watching the US Open brought up a question from a friend, "How many times should you counter on an offer?"...
Lender-Buyer TIp

Buyer Tip – After you submit an offer…..

Once you have made an offer have the loan officer/lender call the listing agent. This goes a long way in...
Median Estimated Property Value_Liberty Hill

Liberty Hill TX – Buyers Market

According to RPR's Market Trends data, we currently have a healthy supply of homes with a 5.56 Months' Supply of...
Median Estimated Property Value_Hutto

July 2023 – Hutto TX

Attention sellers in Hutto, Texas! Did you know that the List to Sold Price percentage in our city is an...

What type of flooring?

If you're looking for a place to invest in your home and don't know where to start, investing in hardwood...
New home

7-7.5% Interest Rates — How can I buy now?

Interest rates currently are making it tough to afford the home you want. Many new home builders have lending companies...

Buy now or wait – 2023 Dilemma

The current real estate market is an interesting one. The interest rates and effects of inflation have made investors wait...

Buy now or wait?

Should I buy now or wait? There are several opinions on what to do based on the current real estate...