Home Security & Defense – Part 3


June 18, 2019

Grant Dean

The Shotgun –

Shotguns have been a popular choice for home defense and probably the most talked about weapon type when the subject comes up. Shotguns are incredibly versatile because of the wide variety of shotgun shells for the particular use (bird hunting, deer hunting, self defense). The two most common gauges for shotguns for home defense are the 12 & 20 gauge.

12 gauge is the most powerful of the two and what is used by many civilians, law enforcement and the military. The 12 gauge is powerful and has substantial recoil or “kick” when fired. 20 gauge is slightly smaller in shot shell size, recoils or kicks much less and is still can be very effective for self defense.

The common mis-conception about shotguns is that you don’t have to aim which is false. Most likely the distance inside of a house that a shotgun would be fired is between 3-25 feet. At this distance the shot inside the shell does not have time to spread out like people may think and stays very compact, like the size of a closed fist. Learning how the specific shotgun shell spreads in your firearm is very important when deciding what shells to use and if a shotgun is the right choice for you. #homedefense #shotgun