Home Security & Defense – What do you choose to use? Part 1


June 12, 2019

Grant Dean

In one of my past posts I gave some simple tips on how to not make your home a target for criminals. The 5 tips were to keep your yard maintained, put up a home security sign in the front yard, post a Beware of Dog on your fence and make sure you close you blinds at night so people can’t see in. All simple and very cost effective ideas. I had a great response to the post.

The topic of weapons came into the conversation as an additional preparation to take into consideration if the threat were to ignore your first line of defenses and decide to break in.

While you wait for the police to show up after calling 911 and are hunkered down with your family in a locked room what type of weapon (if any) would you choose to protect yourself/family as a last resort for protection? Would it be a firearm, baseball bat, golf club, knife, chair, walking stick, etc. #homesecurity #defense