I want to move to the Country!


January 21, 2019

Grant Dean

“I want to move out of the city, into the country and do my own thing!” Have you heard your friends say this or maybe you have thought it. I dream about this weekly. Truth be told, my family and I are working towards this goal and I’m searching every day. Owning your own piece of Texas outside of the suburbs is a desire more people are having than I have ever experienced before. Over the past 4 years I have helped more clients buy land/farm/ranches for building custom homes, barndo’s, to use as a hobby farm, build storage container homes or for recreational use (hunting, camping, shooting, ATV’s, etc.). It’s fun and exciting to see their dreams come true. Plus, I get to learn a lot while they build and develop their land. Stay tuned and we’ll discuss more of what you need to know when buying raw land, how to budget accordingly and the challenges to plan for…. #hobbyfarms #sustainableliving #buyingland #barndos #countrylife