Instant Offers – Marketing Hook


September 3, 2019

Grant Dean

With the real estate market in Central Texas strong and the demand for housing still high, there has been a rise of brokerages offering “instant offers” regarding the sale of your home. They promise a quick and easy sales process without having to “list” your home on the open market. It’s a cleaver hook but once you find out the details, the price the broker is willing to purchase your home is significantly less than what you can sell for the traditional way.

The only way this system is successful for the broker is if they can buy the property cheap enough that gives them the margin to repair/fix/upgrade, flip and put back on the market for sale. One reason a home owner may decide to go this route is they have significant equity in their home and feel that even with losing thousands of dollars by selling this way they may still have just enough left over for a down payment on another home. Please understand that by listing your home for sale by a professional real estate broker the traditional way and still paying commissions you have the opportunity to NET more money.

Selling a home and maximizing your profit isn’t easy. It takes a broker with a proven track record who knows how to professionally market and attract qualified buyers. Don’t fall for the hook and get caught losing money. #instantoffer #guaranteedoffer #austinrealestate