Moving to the Country – Part 3


January 23, 2019

Grant Dean

“I want to move out of the city, buy land and live in the country.” – Part 3 Now that you have decided what you want to do with the land, where you going to go?  Using IH-35 as our center, generally speaking, land on the east side will be better suited for planting, farming and growing plants/trees.  The price of land on the east side is usually cheaper as well, roughly around 12-15K an acre for raw land.  When I say raw, I mean literally nothing is on the property except the current crop (corn, cotton, etc).  Land on the west side of IH-35 is more expensive, many times double what it costs on the east.  In my experience much of the raw land on the west side is very rocky and full of cedar trees.   So any type of hobby farming by using the natural ground and soil on the west side is going to be much for difficult.  So you want to go east or west?  Stay tuned….