Moving to the Country – Part 5


January 29, 2019

Grant Dean

“I want to move out of the city and into the country..” Moving out into the country is not going to be cheap, bottom line. The cost of the land, access, utilities, water, fence and they type of home (slab/stick built, barndo, storage containers, manufactured homes) all are expensive when you add it all up. However, if you can plan accordingly and do a piece at a time it can be obtained, patience is a virtue and honestly I personally struggle daily with this… If you have the means to make this jump and don’t have to wait in my experience you will need to budget min 600K to get a decent (not perfect) house on a nice piece of land with restrictions. For example, I was out in Liberty Hill this past weekend showing clients 5 acres with a 3000 sqft home built in 1998 with small barn, pool and cabana for around 600K. If you have 400-500K budget you’ll have to compromise on the house size, condition & quality or on the size and restrictions of the land. Call me and I would love to help you find your dream property and get you a piece of Texas you can call home. #countrylife #homestead #sustainableliving #buyingland #libertyhill #georgetowntx