Pets – Yes or No?


November 18, 2019

Grant Dean

“I want to rent out my investment property, should I allow pets?” This is a question I had last week when getting a single family home listed for rent in Manor. The answer is yes. Most renters have a pet and if you say no to pets its very likely it will take much longer to rent out your home and you may have to market the property for less than market rate to get it leased quickly. To help reduce the risk and mitigate the cost of repairs pets may cause to property it’s my suggestion to clients to charge a non-refundable pet deposit and in addition write in the lease that any damage caused by the pet will be at the tenant’s expense. In my experience the smaller the pet the more damage they cause and if cats urinate on the carpet you’ll have to rip it up, bleach the foundation and replace it; cleaning it doesn’t work. #manor #renting #pets