What is a Lease Back and who cares?


February 11, 2019

Grant Dean

What is a seller lease back & why should I care? Selling a home and moving is one of the most stressful times in life. The effort and money it takes to get the property ready to sell (repairs, improvements, packing up, staging, etc), having strangers coming in and out during the sale for showings, negotiating an offer, coordinating movers, plus inspections/appraisals once under contract is a lot of disruption. It can many times work in the buyers favor if they are willing to allow the seller to live in the property for a short time (for example 2-7 days) after closing allowing them extra time to move out. If a buyer is willing and able to give the seller a little extra time it can go a long way in negotiations and may give them an edge over another offer if there are multiple offers on the property.