12 Tips to Improve Curb Appeal


March 6, 2019

Grant Dean

1. Keep you yard mowed & edged (replace sod in heavy traffic or dead areas)

2. Trim your hedges and shrubs

3. Freshly mulch around your trees & flower beds

4. Re-paint or re-stain the front door

5. Put a Welcome mat outside the front door

6. Put Fresh flowers in a pot/s by front door (keep them alive…)

7. Keep front porch swept daily

8. Power wash the driveway and porch of any stains.

9. Power wash the exterior of the home including siding, brick or stone

10. Take off the window screens and clean off the exterior windows (also clean the inside too)

11. Trim your front trees so buyers can see the front of your house and get rid of any limbs touching any areas of the house/roof.

12. Keep your lawn looking healthy and green.

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