My carpet needs to be replaced…


December 5, 2019

Grant Dean

Carpet allowance, does it work? No. When I hear that the seller is willing to give a set amount of money towards carpet like $3000 for example, it automatically tells me they are willing to lower the price a min of 3K right off the bat. It would be wiser, in my opinion for the seller to replace the carpet themselves probably for less, by picking out a cheaper grade carpet but upgrading to a thicker pad. This will help the home show better and smell better. Plus, it’s been my experience that buyers always over estimate the cost of repairs. If it’s been estimated to cost 3K to replace carpet the buyer will think it will cost between 4-6K because they have different expectations or standard of quality. Make repairs before listing your home so you can hold onto your equity, limit negotiations and net more money. #homerepairs #staging #austinrealestate