Setting up a Home Gym – Part 2


July 11, 2019

Grant Dean

I have to admit I am spoiled to the selection, size and variety of a commercial gym like 24hrs and use their facilities 3x week. For me it’s worth the cost of the membership to have access to a variety of high end equipment. However, for many years I worked out in my garage and have helped design layouts and pick out fitness equipment to use in small spaces. You can do a lot and be very effective with a flat to incline bench and set up adjustable dumbbells. Add in some elastic bands and a pull up bar that fits inside a doorway if costs permit and you have a lot to work with to improve your health and fitness. Bowflex makes an adjustable dumbbell system that allows you to adjust in 5lb increments from 10lbs all the way up to 90lbs. I can’t tell you how many sets I sold back in the day but by far this type of adjustable dumbbell worked great for a confined space. #homegyms #gettingfit #losingweight