Setting up a Home Gym – Part 4 – Cardio Equipment


July 23, 2019

Grant Dean

Doing cardiovascular exercise is critical for health. According to research 20 minutes of cardio 3x/wk will help reduce stress, increases blood flow, reduce the risk for heart disease, diabetes & cardiovascular illness. That however is the minimum to strive for. To get the fitness benefits out of cardio (reduce body fat, increase muscle) you need to do more than the minimum. How you do it is your choice – many people, walk, jog or run outside by themselves or participate in group exercise lead by an instructor that combine both strength training and cardio all in one workout. Go by your local school at 5am in the morning and you’ll see a group of people working out together lead by a trainer – this form of group exercise is very popular these days. If however you want a piece of equipment in your home you’ll need a dedicated 3 ft x 6 ft space, which is enough room for a treadmill, elliptical or recumbent bike. Next we’ll discuss pros and cons of each…. #homegym #groupexercise