Setting up a Home Gym – Part 5 – Treadmills


July 26, 2019

Grant Dean

Deciding which type of cardio equipment to buy when you may only have space & budget for one piece can be overwhelming. A treadmill is a popular choice because of it’s ease of use and learning curve is low. Contrary to what you may hear you don’t have to jog or run on a treadmill to get your heart rate elevated & improve your fitness. By simply raising or inclining the ramp you can get your heart rate into the necessary range while still walking at a steady pace. This keeps the impact and stress on the knees, ankles & hips lower than jogging or running. The two cons to a treadmill in my opinion are: there is still impact on the joints and secondly the amount of calories you burn per session is less than what can be accomplished on an Elliptical. #treadmill #homegym #fitness #austinrealestate